Ingewikkeld is a company of experts for building web applications. Our language of choice is PHP, although we regularly play with other languages and tools.

With Ingewikkeld, you hire experts that are active and integral parts of the global PHP community, either by maintaining open source projects, by speaking at conferences worldwide or by organizing their own conferences.

Every single expert from Ingewikkeld has one goal:

Problems need to be solved.

We use a wide variety of tools to solve problems, whether it is one of the many PHP frameworks (we've worked on projects using symfony 1, Symfony2, Zend Framework 1 and 2, Silex and Cilex amongst others), a selection of the variety of tools that were not actually written in PHP (Memcache, Varnish, Redis, etc), or any other piece of software that we need (Bolt, Vagrant, etc), we can do it.

The Ingewikkeld experts are not just about software development. They also do consulting, training and audits when required. And they are pro-active: If they see something needs to happen, they'll take the initiative and make it happen.

Interested in hiring Ingewikkeld experts, or working for Ingewikkeld? Contact us at


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