Announcing WeCamp 2017

It has been quiet for a while now. We have not been slacking though. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to prepare for WeCamp 2017, and we now want to officially announce: WeCamp 2017 is a thing.

This year we’re gathering in the harbour of Biddinghuizen to head to the WeCamp island on Tuesday, August 22nd. From that point on, we’ll be staying on the island for 5 days to collaborate, develop, think, play, learn, teach and above all have a good time. On Saturday August 26th, you’ll be back in Biddinghuizen and can head home to process all that you have learned and experienced.


Ticket sales will open on March 17th at 10:00 AM Central European Time. Just like previous years, the first five tickets will be early bird tickets and have a discounted price of 500 euros. Regular tickets will be 600 euros.



We are keeping the coaches a secret for now. First of all, we have not yet confirmed all of the coaches yet, and of course we will need the awesome WeCamp coach avatars before making the announcement. We will let you know as soon as we can.



WeCamp as an event could not exist, or it would be really expensive, without our partners. We’re still looking for more partners (get in touch if you’re interested!) but we already have some partners confirmed. We are immensely grateful for the continued support of these partners.


OK, so this is us. We’ve been organising WeCamp for three years already and this is our fourth year. Quite some effort goes into organising, but it’s more than worth it as it’s a lot of fun.


One of our most loyal partners is Future500. After having their people attend and coach at WeCamp, last year we even got some help in the form of a volunteer in the crew. Well, not just a volunteer, but former coach Ramon helped us out, and he’s doing it again this year. They’re also helping us out with our website, and they’re supporting us financially. A dream partner.


The Enrise BBQ has been a great tradition at WeCamp, and to quote our contact at Enrise: “You should not break a great tradition”. We’ve been working with Enrise since year one (not just year one of WeCamp, but we go way back and have also been working with Enrise on projects). We love Enrise.


Another returning partner is In2it, a company who is known for their great connection with the global PHP community. But not just that, they also have a lot of technical knowledge. Remember the recent Amazon outage? All In2it customer websites were still online. And they were hosted at Amazon! It is possible, and In2it makes it possible.


From the very first year Ricardo has been organizing not just our Internet connection but also the wifi on the island. Every year when we contact him he’s very excited about the event and gives us a huge discount and really works with us to optimize the connection and local wifi.