WeCamp 2015: Ticket sales and free ticket winner

After a successful first WeCamp in 2014 we're doing it again in 2015. We would like to welcome you again on our island from Tuesday 25th of August until Saturday 29th. Just like last year, you'll be able to work with a team of 4 random peers under the guidance of an experienced coach.  Let's have a look at some practicalities.

Ticket sales

One of the most common questions we've had in the past weeks is "when do ticket sales open?". Time to answer that question: Tickets will be available on Friday February 27th through the WeCamp website. We'll open up ticket sales at 10AM Central European Time.

Ticket pricing

Tickets this year are 525 euro, with a limited amount of 5 early bird-tickets for the people who are able to snatch those first tickets for 425 euro. Just like last year, this ticket price is ALL-IN, meaning you'll get food and drinks for the full 5 days, a boat trip to and from the island, full access to all social events and of course a nice bed in one of the tents.

And the winner is...

People who filled in our evaluation form and from last year and added their name had the chance of winning a ticket for WeCamp 2015. Out of the 5 people who did so, we have a winner. Pascal de Vink will be getting a free ticket for WeCamp 2015! Congratulations Pascal!